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2010-10-25 16:04:17 by RubberTrucky

Ask me anything you want and you might find a world to know.

(my answers might or might not be truthfully)


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2010-11-02 20:08:42

"truthful", not "truthfully".

Anyway, does God exist?

(Updated ) RubberTrucky responds:

-not truthfully [spoken]->ellipsis (I am not making this up now)

If I have to pick now, I'd say He doesn't exist. But He might still lie there undiscovered. (id est, I don't belittle people for thinking He does exist)


2010-11-06 17:19:12

my answers might or might not be truthfully

RubberTrucky responds:

Can you rephrase this in the form of a question?


2010-11-07 14:21:40

So who would win in a fight, Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley?

RubberTrucky responds:

I have to give Hendrix this one. Anyone listening to Reggae will have to agree that it makes you want to light a greenstick rather than to bust someone's face open.

As for music, Hendrix appeals to a larger crowd than Marley I think.


2010-11-13 17:29:46

That's not a lot of comments here.

Question: What is the question to the answer of the ultimate question?

RubberTrucky responds:

Is this the ultimate question?

To which the answer of course is: Obviously.


2010-11-14 19:02:25

Do you love me?

RubberTrucky responds:

I do, but in a platonic way.


2010-11-15 19:03:25

okay srs question:



RubberTrucky responds:

I doooo


2010-11-21 10:24:34

Do u knoe wut a bonner is?

RubberTrucky responds:

It has something to do with grants for poor people. er_Foundation


2010-11-23 20:08:00

How much for a BJ?

RubberTrucky responds:

I start the bid at 1500 and an evening with your GF, when she's reached the age of maturity.


2010-11-24 21:03:43

fireduck??? lolololololololol

RubberTrucky responds:

Used to be Donald in a fire truck.


2010-11-27 14:19:34

Are you ready?

RubberTrucky responds:



2010-11-29 14:17:16

Do you know who i am?

RubberTrucky responds:

I have not the slightest idea


2010-11-30 06:24:27

Who was phone?

RubberTrucky responds:

Creepypasta was phone. ine0.jpg/


2010-12-04 14:17:10

Where do babies come from?

RubberTrucky responds:

When a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much, then daddy puts i penis in mommy's vagina and after some heaving and grunting, daddy squirts sticky fluid inside mommy. this goes to mommies eggcells and then a baby grows in mommy's tummy. After 9 months, mommy gets really fat(ter) and then she will cry and scream cause she's in a lot of pain and then she poops out the baby out of her vagina (not poophole).


2010-12-04 14:27:58

Am i sad now?

RubberTrucky responds:

You never really are.


2010-12-05 12:43:19

1) Is is true that pancakes are better than waffles?

2) Is it true that you have the answer to everything in this universe?

3) Does life on other planets exist?

4) Will people stop believing in god?

5) In what year am I going to die?

6) Do ghosts really exist?

7) And why am I asking so much questions?

RubberTrucky responds:

1) depends on what pancakes and hat waffles. A lieges waffle can trump everything if it's well prepared.

2) It is not true.

3) Certainly, there's plenty of bacteria in outer space.

4) No, because one day God will come down to earth and beat the crap out of a bunch of atheists and people will fear Him once again.

5) You drown when you go out swimming and get surprised by the undertow.

6) They do.

7) Because you can!


2010-12-06 07:41:42

This is a statement not a question, if you can answer it I'll sing praises.

RubberTrucky responds:

I hereby answer your statement.


2010-12-11 10:29:15

when were tamagotchi conection tamagotchis released?

RubberTrucky responds:

1996, I think


2011-02-10 07:50:26

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?


2011-02-16 09:04:37

What is love?


2011-02-23 14:25:56

To be or not to be, that is my question.


2011-03-07 12:42:34

Why does the internet?


2011-03-10 14:18:28

If I asked you to have sex with me, would the answer to that question be the same answer to this question? But honestly, how do you get the title to say "TubberRucky" and the name to say "RubberTrucky?"


2011-05-16 10:07:21

Where is hot pony on pony action?


2011-06-16 10:55:58

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2011-06-17 01:55:08

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